DJ Murkem – The Warehouse

NOVEMBER 19, 2015 by Russell Stevens

Traveling is a huge deal to me because it gives me a different perspective on life. In the United States, Americans are consumed with working so hard to have materialistic things that they often times forget to enjoy meaningful things in life. I find inspiration in traveling, meeting new people, culture, food, experiences, and music. No matter where you go, music is the universal language.

In my recent travels to the Cayman Islands to shoot a video I met this dude named Ryan Mushin at Royal Palms beachfront bar in. He and I hit it off immediately with our talk of old school Cadillacs and rap tunes. We drank ourselves stupid until the bar closed and I had the entire Cayman Police Department after me! None of my camera crew knew where I had adventured off to so they alerted the authorities to find me. The next day I kicked it with Ryan and his homie Jeff Thorton aka the Parasail Cowboy! Jeff runs a parasailing tour and knows the waters like the back of his hand. We went out to Stingray City with these hot girls from Canada and had a blast. The water was crystal clear and we swam with huge stingrays until the sun went down. It was a radical adventure and I wanted to purposely miss my flight on Cayman Airways back to Miami! I told myself that I would be back one day to adventure some more and rock a party because Caymanians love to party and dance.

I manifested coming back to the Islands to do just that by booking a Halloween gig for myself. I linked up with Ryan, his girl Alex, and Ryan’s roommate Dylan Bennoit who were kind enough to let me crash at their pad. Dylan is a master chef who is well respected in the gourmet restaurant industry. He loves to build bad ass motorcycles, play guitar, and model in his spare time. They are awesome people and really know how to party! They introduced me to this chick Sian Weinzweig who is a Co Owner at Epic Day Entertainment. Epic Day is an events company specializing in bringing the coolest DJ’s to the dopest parties in the Cayman Islands. Whether in the hottest club and bars, or on the water, their events are by far the freshest around. Upon meeting Sian, she gave me a chance and told me about a brand new venue called The Warehouse located upstairs from Whiskey Mist. Sian told me that I could throw down an opening House set for their resident DJ named Billy Corduroy. Billy Corduroy flies in from Colorado weekly to lay down a fresh groove on the ones and twos. His House music selection is impeccable and his blends are seamless. Now I admit that I’m not the greatest House DJ, but I was obliged by the opportunity. I did my best to dig up some oldies but goodies along with some new school funky Tech House records and opened up for Billy.

The venue was really cool and everybody hid behind Halloween costumes while dancing the night away. Alex Barlow was tending bar alongside a stellar staff of bartenders and cocktail waitresses. Alex kept thirsty patrons captivated with his bar tricks by juggling bottles of liquor as if they were bowling pins at a carnival. The sound system was great and it pumped bass through the woofers loud enough to rattle your soul! I brought my homie Jarred Noah along to capture the festivities on video of course.

I met so many new friends and seen some cool places along this trip. My homegirl Alissandra introduced me to her friend Savannah and we drove out to this remote swimming hole called Pedros to go cliff diving. I also invited this really cute girl that I met at the bar named Miranda who was no stranger to facing her fears. She was so quick to jump off the dangerous rocks into the ocean below. I had to live up to the Parasail Cowboy’s acrobatics by doing a backflip into the water and not looking like a wuss in front of the ladies. All in all the entire trip was perfect and I can’t wait to go back to explore future endeavors. Check out the video and stay tuned for upcoming events in the Cayman Islands.