DJ Murkem – Casa De Fado

AUGUST 4, 2015 by Russell Stevens

Gabriel Gimenez, also know as GG has been on the Miami art and fashion scene for close to ten years now. GG is a one of the youngest self motivated artists in South Florida. He’s gained recognition from art lovers both locally and internationally. You can see his murals all over Miami’s art and design districts. GG is known for his cartoon illustrations along with his signature character know as Fado. These characters stem from his real life situations and world experiences.

Along the way, GG has met many like minded creatives in the art scene that have inspired to him in many ways. GG decided it was time to create another piece of art by collaborating with Greg Gayle, Rodrigo Gaya, Leon The Lion and DJ Murkem on a party entitled “Untitled. Party 01” The purpose of the Untitled Party is to bring people from the creative industry together in a relaxed and genuine environment.

Greg Gayle has been a long time friend to GG, and they have worked on many cool projects together. Greg Gayle is the Sr. Art Director at Nativo Creative Studio. He’s experienced in branding, illustration, print, contemporary art, creative design, and typography. He’s been involved in many exhibitions such as: “Elixir” at LMNT Gallery, “Artwalk Sessions” at Studio Wynwood, “Del Toro Annual Art Basel Events” and “South Florida Graffiti Expo” at Fat Village Art District to name a few.

Rodrigo Gaya is originally from Miami but graduated from the University of Michigan with a major in Communication Studies. His specialties include: broadcast, content management, directing, and photography. He’s currently a photographer for World Red Eye and has covered hundreds of events for Ocean Drive, The Opium Group, The Arsht Center, New World CenterArt Basel, and many more.

Leon The Lion is a DJ/Producer living in Miami. This guy has a distinct style all on his own. His DJ sets are a bit unconventional to most because of his choice of instruments. Instead of rocking a crowd on turntables, he keeps the dance floor moving with the aid of Ableton Live and an instrument controller complete with assignable pads, faders, and knobs to tweak sounds beyond imagination.

DJ Murkem stepped in to help with sound production by setting a sound system to keep the tunes pumping throughout the evening. His smooth blends and sophisticated song selection paves the way for a memorable gathering. DJ Murkem not only brings dope jams to the equation, but he’s involved in visual artistry as well. Knowing the importance of content on the web, he decided to invite his long time friend Jarred Moore to come and capture the vibe with his Panasonic GH4 video camera.

Jarred’s cinematography has gotten him noticed in the fashion world, the car community, and in the corporate world with his easy going personality, and amazing work ethics. He’s the founder of  Move Watches, Stage 3 Imports, and has shot cinematic videos for Forgiato, DuPont Registry, and Fox Sports. He was also involved in capturing world records for Guinness by filming the world’s fastest street car.

In conclusion, bringing a dream team of creatives together was a recipe for success with the first “Untitled Party.” There were plenty of cool, good looking people in attendance at Casa De Fado! Everybody got along rather well over glasses of wine and champagne. The music was spot on and the attire was provided by TagVin vintage clothing brand. Check out the video and stay tuned for the next party entitled “Untitled Party. 02”